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NAAC Peer Team will Visit On 12 Dec to 14 Dec 2016.

S.S.D Mahavidyalaya is a virtual heaven of rural quiet and idealic beauty.The splendid avenues river,temple,trees and land scape that lead to the College,imposing buildings and the verdant greenery in and around the campus make it an ideal place for scholarstic pursuits.

The crest epitomises light of wisdom, progress and all embracing-love which is the quintessence of the tradition, custom & culture of Odisha. It consists of the burning lamp, the open book, and the temple. The burning lamp stands for the light of learning that dispals all ignorance. The open book which is the traditional symbol of knowledge represents the devotion to learning and spread of education. The temple stands as symbol of purity, santity and devotion.

Principal Message(Jitendra Kumar Pati)

“ Amid the bounties of nature , this institution is a bud which dreams to blossom out into thousand petals wafting its fragrance to the outer orbit. The future of the bud is left to the students whose respite-less endeavour will help blooming the bud into full blown flower. Students are alike splendid horizon diseminating its profound dignity ; And well guided by the able teachers will help them to plung into the unknown to churn-out pragmatism moral awarness and principles of good governance.”